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7/7 All Women’s Rockies

Need a ladies only adventure to come back to life?

Take a break from your hectic schedule and step into a week of backpacking through breathtaking mountains as you learn how God uses the wilderness to allure and speak tenderly to his daughters.

This course is designed for women who want to go deep into the heart of God within His creation and a caring community. Your spirit will be refreshed as you learn God’s word experientially, laugh and play with your sisters, and get to spend uninterrupted time alone with God.

Your instructors will teach you how to pack a backpack, navigate with topographic maps, and prepare delicious backcountry meals. You will walk away with skills to thrive in the wilderness and lifelong friends. Are you ready to go on a wild adventure and come back to life?

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Course details at a glance.

August 4-10, 2025*

Arrive: 8 am | Depart: 7 pm

*Dates are tentative and subject to change






617 Plaza Ct, Laramie, WY

Course Area(s)

Snowy Range Mountains

Essential Eligibility

Skill Level: Beginner Friendly

There are no prerequisites for this course except a desire to learn and grow so feel free to invite your girlfriends to join you! We will teach you the skills of backpacking and essential backcountry skills such as gourmet cooking and using the bathroom in the wilderness. 

Physical Ability:

  • Carry a backpack, approx. 40-50 pounds, hiking 2-4 miles per day
  • Hike and camp at elevations of 8,000 ft. and up
  • Long days, often up at 6am and in bed at 9pm

We understand the physical requirements may be overwhelming, but we find most people can train and do great. We provide a training plan to help you be physically prepared for your trip so you can succeed and have the most fun.

If you are unsure which course is right for you, we are here to help. Contact us today!

Key Skills*

Backcountry Living


We would be happy to chat. Call (307) 755-0642 or email admissions@srom.org.


Frequently asked questions


You will meet your leaders and team at SROM headquarters in Laramie, WY. The day will start with a brief orientation as you get to know your leaders and team members. We will issue any gear you need and lead you in packing your pack before heading out.

You will spend a week backpacking in the breath-taking snowy mountains. There you will see towering peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and streams, meadows of wildflowers, and incredible starlit skies in some of the finest wilderness areas in North America. We will teach you the technical outdoor skills to thrive in the mountains, learning things such as campsite selection, route finding, and navigation.

Each day will have a spiritual theme with family time in the evenings that often includes worship, teaching and discussion. Your leaders will also model for you what it means to be a leader of the day (LOD) and then you will get a chance to be a leader of the day for at least one of the days on course. You will also get an extended time to reflect and spend time alone with God on a solo. The lessons will build upon each other, putting it all to the test with your final peak attempt.

Through the quiet of solitude, the challenge of a peak ascent, and the fellowship of other sisters in Christ, you will discover how much God cares about your heart.

A Typical Backpacking Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
6:00 AM – Breakfast: cook breakfast with your cook group
8:30 AM: Pack-up camp and head to your next campsite
Noon – Lunch: Enjoy lunch at a scenic spot on the trail
3:00 PM: Get to your new campsite and setup camp
4:00 PM: Time Alone with God (TAG), typically 1hr, and/or teaching.
5:00 PM – Dinner: Make a tasty dinner with your cook group
7:00 PM: Family Time – debrief day, worship, and devotional/teaching
9:00 PM: Bedtime

Special Days:

  • Solo
  • Peak Attempt
Upon returning to SROM HQ after your course, your team will de-issue group gear and personal gear before showering and debriefing with one of our staff members. Your course officially ends after a celebration meal at a local restaurant with your team and instructors. (This meal is not covered by SROM.)


Get a glimpse into the experience.

Testimonies of Transformation

Hear what others experienced.
The Lord has refreshed and revived a joy and excitement to put Him first. In this course I have also discovered a new level of love for my husband and a new step into maturity with him.”

“Being in nature really gave me the opportunity to just be still and hear the voice of God.”

Anonymous Team Members

2019, All Women's

Need a ladies only adventure to come back to life?

Bring a friend and you'll both save $50!

Questions About Covid-19

What if SROM has to cancel the course?

You will receive a full refund if we need to cancel the course.

Should I get travel insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend getting travel insurance and checking to see if it covers Covid-19 or not.

Not only is travel insurance helpful for a potential change in plans or a course closure, some travel insurance plans will also cover if you needed to be evacuated from a course for a medical emergency. 



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