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Authentic Community

Experience God's Presence

Become a servant leader

Make lifelong friends

Push beyond your limits

Thrive in the wild

e are fundamentally inter-related beings who experience and contextualize life through our relationship with the Lord and with others. God created us as image-bearers: we are capable of making God’s greater goodness visible to others and also receiving that goodness from others. Yet in our fallen world, our fear of being exposed and rejected keeps us from living in the light. We shy away from others in order to protect ourselves. Paradoxically, our deepest fear is also our greatest desire: to know and be fully known. Unfortunately, society has bought the cheap ticket of false connectedness, in the instant and initial comfort of cell phones and social media. In reality, we are weary from hiding and wandering, and desperate for authentic community. This longing is in our very being; we are made for fellowship and worship.

giving a hand up

The wilderness is a liminal place where we are stretched beyond our physical capabilities and outside our comfort zones. This lack of security allows us to engage people and our own questionings at a newer and deeper level. All of us crave realness, experience, and interrelatedness. Wilderness facilitates an environment where we can love and be loved beyond the brokenness of our daily lives. We need the support of those willing to walk alongside us and spur us on towards Christ. We need a safe place to practice kingdom living and to collectively throw our lives into the story of God. Just like God’s people through Exodus, though we may be freed from slavery, we are not yet home in our journey.

“Paradoxically, our deepest fear is also our greatest desire: to know and be fully known.”

Therefore, we are called to lay down our lives for a body of imperfects. Our lives should be a reflection of the hope of Jesus Christ. True authentic community is and will be a constant state of fellowship and worship! Has this future hope changed the way we live here and now? Is there any reason we cannot begin the practice of unveiled fellowship and abandoned worship with those around us today?