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UWMBA Outdoor Leadership Experience

Register for your backpacking adventure in the Grand Canyon! 


The University of Wyoming has partnered with SROM to offer you a wilderness expedition that transforms the classroom into a dynamic setting by testing core components of influential leaders and high-performing teams. 


May 12 – 19, 2024

Arrive: 12 PM | Depart: 8 pm

5 DAYS in the Field*

*see itinerary below for more details


617 Plaza Ct, Laramie, WY


Grand Canyon

Important Information:

The “Why”

This Living Case Study is what the course structure and lessons will be based upon.


A list of all items needed to participate in this expedition. Not a seasoned backpacker? You don’t have to be! Many items on this list can be rented at no cost to you.



You will meet your leaders and team at SROM headquarters in Laramie, WY. The afternoon will start with a brief orientation as you get to know your leaders and team members. We will issue any gear you need and lead you in packing your pack. You will go back home to sleep that night and reconvene early the next morning to head out together. 


From SROM headquarters, you will drive to the Grand Canyon. There you will encounter towering sandstone walls, descend thousands of feet to the Colorado River, enjoy diverse ecosystems and be awestruck by starlit skies in some of the finest wilderness areas in North America. We will teach you the technical outdoor skills to thrive in the desert, learning things such as campsite selection, route finding, and navigation. More importantly, you will get the opportunity to perform in leadership and team positions, participate in initiatives, and have time to reflect personally.

A Typical Backpacking Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
6:00 AM – Breakfast: cook breakfast with your cook group
8:30 AM: Pack-up camp and head to your next campsite
Noon – Lunch: Enjoy lunch at a scenic spot on the trail
3:00 PM: Get to your new campsite and setup camp
4:00 PM: Free Time or Team Initiative
5:00 PM – Dinner: Make a tasty dinner with your cook group
7:00 PM: Debrief day
9:00 PM: Bed

On the final field day, after hiking out, you will drive to Coral Pink Sand Dunes campground to shower and camp for the night.


Drive 12 hours back to the SROM base and de-issue gear.

Officially closing the course, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate.


Get a glimpse into the experience.

Testimonies of impact

Hear what others experienced.

Before this course I underestimated how important a “purpose” was. Now, I want to make sure I never lose focus on my “why” for doing what I do and how I do it.  

20' MBA Grad Student

This course changed my life and was one of the greatest experiences I have ever been through as a person and leader.

21' MBA Grad Student

My communication improved. My ability to empower team members improved. My leadership improved. Maybe I should stay in the woods…

22' MBA Grad Student

Backpacking Their Way To An Idea

It was [a requirement] of our MBA program… at the time to go on a backpacking trip through the Winds, which was fantastic. During our reflection time, he and I really had a lot of conversations about what we wanted to do going forward. And we were like, ‘Hey, we would really love to work together as entrepreneurs…’ The genesis of Disa… was a backpacking trip in the Wind River Canyon.

MBA Grad Student, Read the full article on Cowboy State Daily


Frequently asked questions

Do I need outdoor experience?

No, not at all. Any outdoor experience is welcome!

How much does this cost?

The University of Wyoming generously covers all tuition and rental costs. The only cost to you will be any non-rentable items you need to purchase from the packing list. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to better yourself as a leader and member of your cohort!

How hard is it?

You will be on uneven trail, carrying a backpack that is ~40-50lbs, and covering multiple miles per day with 1,000-2,000ft of elevation loss/gain. We recommend training accordingly. 

What's the food like?

SROM provides high quality, dried food (dry food lessens the overall weight when backpacking). Each person will be in a designated cook group and will be part of making their own food each day.

Can I bring my phone?

All smart devices that include but are not limited to: Cell phones, smart watches, GPS’s, iPods, Bluetooth devices or any other type of smart device will not be permitted on your course. Cameras, including GoPros, are welcome!

Who is SROM?

SROM is an accredited organization that has a proven track record of providing high-quality wilderness adventure experiences that are responsive and adaptable to the needs and desired outcomes of those we serve. SROM has been providing industry-leading wilderness adventure experiences for 40 years. SROM is headquartered in Laramie, Wyoming and has served churches, parachurch organizations, schools, and higher education institutions throughout the country. We are committed to excellence in all that we do.

To note, while SROM (Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries) is religiously affiliated, this is a custom-designed program for the University of Wyoming MBA Program and DOES NOT involve any required religious practices as part of the leadership experience.



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It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.