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The 40/40 is SROM’s flagship course. It is and always will be a timeless classic course for SROM. This course is beautifully aligned with the vision of SROM. What the Lord can do in 40 days in the wilderness with you will blow you away. Come pour out your love with us to the Creator of the Universe! Hiking trips

Have you looked at the 40/40 internship?

Over 100 times in the Bible the text explicitly identifies lives being changed as a result of a wilderness journey. Noah, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all spent 40 days in wilderness environments. SROM follows this biblical model. Based on the skills that are taught (hard and soft skills), tools that are given, knowledge that is imparted, and education that is experienced, SROM offers a cutting edge approach that leads people into a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Course Considerations

Though this course is designed for all skill levels, it is important to be aware of the demands and challenges you may face. Listed below are some items to keep in mind when preparing for this course or considering signing up for this course:

Learning Objectives

Spiritual Transformation

Students are provided with daily “TAG” time – Time Alone with God – during which they are encouraged to journal or practice classical spiritual disciplines such as Bible study and prayer. Group Bible studies, devotionals, and facilitated discussions are held typically in the evenings. SROM also provides each student with a 40/40 Devotional Book which contains forty devotionals, using examples from Biblical figures who spent 40 days in the wilderness. Each devotional includes Scripture, explanatory text and leadership applications, and questions students can answer in space provided. The devotional book also contains lyrics to more than 90 worship songs, and each course is equipped with a backpacking guitar for corporate worship. Students experience a 48-hour solo, which is often a time of profound discernment, learning, or revelation. Instructors carefully prepare students before the solo and facilitate processing the experience immediately after it concludes. At the beginning of the course students learn from their instructors. As the course progresses, students are expected and encouraged to teach and learn from one another.

Leadership Development

Wilderness environments provide an ideal setting to develop leadership skills through the progression of education, modeling, observation, evaluation, and application. Students begin their course by learning the fundamentals of Biblical leadership while forming skills and abilities that help them lead others toward achieving common goals. SROM is unique in developing Biblical leadership skills of students within the context of an extended wilderness expedition. SROM teaches leadership techniques, attitudes, and behavior while emphasizing integrity and communication skills. Instructors help identify the gifts, talents, and weakness of each student and then mentor them, helping develop their ability as a leader and understanding of Biblical leadership principles.

Outdoor Skills & Physical Education

SROM teaches a large amount of outdoor and physical education skills during the course. Students finish the course competent in backcountry living skills, and learn climbing, mountaineering, physiology, nutrition, hygiene, and other topics. The 40/40 is physically demanding for three reasons: (1) the consistency of cardiovascular activity in high mountain environments with heavy packs, (2) the skills taught, and (3) the duration of the course.

Health, Safety, and Risk Management

SROM has an unparalleled and remarkable safety record. The 40/40 includes activities that have both real and perceived risk. In our 27 years of operation SROM has taken over 5,000 students from into wilderness environments without a single serious or life-threatening accident or emergency to a student. SROM has never had a fatality. While health and safety in the wilderness can never be guaranteed, it can be maximized by teaching students proper nutrition and hydration, hygiene, hazard assessment, and risk management while practicing sound decision making and accruing wisdom. Students learn how to safely conduct outdoor and wilderness ministry activities. SROM not only gives students the tools for intelligent decision making, but trains students in prayer and discernment through the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:14 and Matthew 3:11). While on the course students learn how to walk in daily discernment through the voice of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 30:21 and Romans 8:14). Instructors guide students in their understanding of health and safety, hazard assessment, risk management, and decision making through teachings, modeling, practical application, and scenarios.

Leave No Trace, Environmental Ethics, and Land Management

Leave No Trace includes principles and practices that prevent, reduce, or mitigate impacts of human activity in the backcountry. SROM is an ardent proponent of Leave No Trace education and practice, and a corporate nonprofit partner with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (the Center). The Center serves as a national steward for a standardized Leave No Trace curriculum. SROM instructors are certified as Leave No Trace Trainers by the Center. SROM provides a unique Christian version of the standard Leave No Trace curriculum by infusing it with Scripture, Biblical perspectives, and Christian tradition. The 40/40 is held in WY, where over 40% of the State is public land administered by various federal agencies. Throughout the country, various laws and regulations govern use of wildlands managed by the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and other agencies. Wildland management and environmental ethics are essential to this course. Understanding and appreciating the blessing and unique character of these wildlands guides students in the way they eat, sleep, travel, and practice their skills while in the backcountry.

While on 40/40 with SROM, students have the opportunity to earn their Leave No Trace Master Educator.

Leave No Trace Scholarships are available to cover up to $350 of your 40/40 course with SROM! Here’s How

Natural History

While not a primary aspect of the course, a wide variety of natural history topics are often taught during the 40/40. Learning about God’s creation can reveal more about the Creator, and foster a greater appreciation and better ability to use outdoor settings to teach and learn biblical truths (Romans 1: 19-20, Psalm 19:1-6, and Psalm 104). Understanding natural science helps students progress in their knowledge, skills, and ability as outdoor practitioners.

Wilderness Ministry

Our deepest desire is to train you up so that you can be sent out. You will practice ministry, enabling you to be an ambassador for King Jesus understanding His Kingdom. The leadership and ministry skills you learn and practice at SROM are transferable to any ministry you pursue in the future. Character formation, group facilitation, leadership development, and a dynamic walk with Christ will benefit you for a lifetime. Specifically you will gain the skill set of a wilderness professional.


Day 1-10: Rock Climbing & Backpacking
Location: Southeast Wyoming The journey begins at the SROM facility in Laramie, WY where you will meet your instructors and fellow students. After a welcome, instructors teach nutrition and food planning using SROM’s food system, facilitating the packing of up to 1,500 backpacking meals in less than 2 hours. Instructors then lead you through course orientation, and packing personal and group equipment. You then leave the SROM facility and travel to a place full of massive multi-colored rock walls and aspen groves. Here in the amazing climbing areas of southeast Wyoming, the wilderness becomes your classroom. You will learn beginning through advanced rock climbing skills. Toward the end of the ten days, you will be given the opportunity to do multi-pitch climbs on some of the most striking formations in the area. You will also spend time in personal and group Bible study, worship, and prayer activities that continue throughout the 40/40.

Day 11-13: Snow Climbing & Mountaineering Training
Location: Snowy Range Mountains, Wyoming After rock climbing you will travel to the aptly named Snowy Range mountains for technical mountaineering training. This intensive three day section will teach effective use of an ice axe and crampons as well as various techniques for ascending and descending steep snow safely. Once you are equipped and ready, you will be given the opportunity to put your new skills into practice by climbing a snow couloir.

Day 14-40: Backpacking & Mountaineering
Location: Wind River Wilderness, Wyoming After completing mountaineering training, you are ready for your 120-mile journey across the world-famous Wind River Range. The first ten days consist of backpacking and light mountaineering. You will develop your leadership skills while navigating around crystal clear mountain lakes, crossing rushing mountain streams, steering around towering granite rock walls, breathing the fresh fragrance of wildflowers and sleeping under a sky bursting with stars. You will bake pizzas over a camp stove and worship God accompanied by a backpacking guitar in some of the most scenic valleys and mountaintops in the country. You will also separate from the group, choose a base camp, and seek after Jesus Christ in solitude during a 48-hour solo experience. After the solo you will begin technical mountaineering. The goal is to ascend some of the most dramatic glaciated peaks in the Wind River Range. These peaks require every skill learned during previous portions of the course. Peaks are physically challenging, requiring participants to push their comfort zones and to work as a team. At the conclusion of the technical mountaineering section, you will transition into a student-led expedition in which you and your peers will craft a travel plan, present it to your instructors, and for seven days continue your expedition without your instructors. While on this quest across the Wind River Range, you will learn what it means to be a leader, a servant, and a man or woman after God’s own heart.

Tuition Due Dates

Complete tuition is due 30 days prior to your course start date.

Financial Outline:
Tuition Total: $5,500.00
Application Fee: $100.00
Deposit due 14 days after your receipt of your Course Information Packet: $500.00
Due 3 months prior to course start date: $2,725.00
Due 2 months prior to course start date: $4,125.00
 Remaining balance due 1 month prior to start date.

Note: These amounts are required by the dates given. Smaller payments before and between deadlines are encouraged and accepted. These deadlines are set to help you reach your tuition goals.

Leave No Trace Master Educator

Leave No Trace has scholarships available to cover up to $350 of your course with SROM! Apply Now! (Must be enrolled in a course to apply.)

Course Details

  • Location: Laramie, WY
  • Age: 18+
  • Tuition (per person): $5500

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2020 Jun 15 – Jul 28

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