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The Importance of Wild Spaces

Creation is for All Humanity, not the Few

By: Laura Albert

“We cannot care for God if we do not care for His Creation.”

– Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods –

Richard Louv makes a bold statement, but one that none the less has an increable gong of truth to it. And it begs the question within our own hearts to be asked:

“Do I love and care for God if I am not loving and caring for His Creations?”

It’s a conversation that is starting, around the globe and one that is important for all of us as Image Bearers of God to ask ourselves.

We all have watched as government shutdowns have not only brought our systems within our country to a screeching halt, but also watched in horror, fear, and a deep sadness as our precious wild places were negatively affected by it as well.

To have to stand by and watch as something precious is hurt or destroyed stirs something deep within us. Something that demands justice, and to some revenge for the deep wrong that was done to something so fragile that can’t always defend itself against our modern world.

And even now, there are our beautiful places that are overwhelmed by populations coming from all over the world. Why? Because they feel the call to experience these incredible places in their very souls. But the spaces are unable to sustain such numbers in a way that doesn’t leave scars. We are “loving” unto death. 

As if that wasn’t hard enough, there are whispers and even blatant attacks on people who “don’t deserve to be in wilderness” because of their ignorance and choices that don’t specifically follow a certain set of rules.

The “new” thing is Nature-Shaming. Both to a person’s face and as if that wasn’t enough, being slandered and shamed all over social media so the whole world knows of your many transgressions.

When did we become the nature elite? The only ones who can do no wrong in nature….When did we become Nature Pharisees?

Nature was created for all, not just the few. Not just the ones who “know” how to best take care of it. Not just the ones who love it the best or the most.

Creation is for All.

But here’s the thing: just as we are commanded by Jesus in the Great Comission,

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” -Matt 28:19-20 

This command is about bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth. That means that if you are a disciple of Jesus, you are teaching others about Him and what Jesus cares about. Psst…. That means ALL created things! Jesus loves and cares about people. Jesus loves and cares about Nature. And everything in between.

As disciples who go out and make disciples, we are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to All Nations. And the Kingdom includes Nature.

Jesus didn’t shame people. He invited them into His world to teach them a better way. People need nature as much as we need Jesus. Because the very rocks cry out to His Glory! And it is impossible to deny Him and His Glory when you are in it (Roman 1:20). Something in your very soul reaches out to touch the beauty, awe, and wonder that creation can show us about the amazing Love of Jesus.

One of the beautiful things Jesus did for us was come to Earth, to walk along side us in the midst of our sin and doing wrong to show us a better way. And to show us that we could actually walk that better way with Him. He loved us and still loves us enough to walk with us even when we mess up.

As His disciples, isn’t it our job to extend that same love, grace, and mercy to others that has been freely given to us? Something to consider….

Laura has been full time with SROM since February of 2017. In addition to writing, she and her dog Lily enjoy going on adventures and pushing the limits of “the norm” in their daily rhythms. Most recently that includes the building of their own Tiny House on wheels this year.

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