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How do you enjoy the Backcountry?

By: Daria Holler

How do you enjoy the backcountry? Here are 3 tips to help you fully encompass all the wild around you.


Lots of people enjoy the backcountry in many different ways. Some may enjoy simply getting off the grid for a few days. Some head in with a mission of going fast and light. Others may take in 3 horses worth of gear. Whether you’re spending the night or staying for the long haul it is always wise to practice Leave No Trace Principles!

1 Plan ahead and prepare your journey ahead of time.

2 Travel and Camp on Durable surfaces. Just because it’s majestic doesn’t mean you should intrude on the majesticness of it.

3 Dispose of waste properly This is a big deal. DO NOT do the D.S.D. (Dreaded Surface Dump) There are many awesome and easy ways to dispose of your personal waste PROPERLY. Plus it’s biblical Deuteronomy 23:13

4 Leave what you find. Don’t be THAT person. Who hoards every walking stick and insists on collecting every pretty rock seen. Others want to see pretty rocks too!

5 Minimize campfire impacts Campfires are fun and set ambiance. Stars set a pretty awesome ambiance too! If you DO have a fire be sure it’s safe to do so. Please don’t make a new fire ring if one already exists.

6 Respect wildlife Plain and simple. DO NOT TOUCH. Don’t feed or heckle. Technically you’re guests in their home… Respect.

7 Be considerate of others. Remember to love those you come across. Clearly you have something in common if you’re in the backcountry and run into each other.


Have fun out there in a way that others will be able to enjoy after you have returned for years to come! Are you getting stoked on planning your next trek? Are you hungry?


2.Take time to plan out and prepare your food Rations

Many hold a passion and pallet for backcountry gourmet eating. None of this hot water in a bag of ingredients survival shenanigans! No, we’re talking about food that sustains the body and soul! Many especially love to camp and fish. It helps with pack weight and is a very relaxing pastime. Give it a try!

Backcountry Pizza


Trout Tacos (fresh!)

Cinnamon rolls (but seriously, who wouldn’t want these!)

Impatient and Hangry? Try this book Back Country Cooking: From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes


3.Celebrate: Enjoy where you are!

Whether it’s your first time in the backcountry or you are a seasoned veteran, remember why you came! Celebrate those you are with (if you’re with anyone) and take time to let the rejuvenation of these wild places restore your, perhaps, tired soul! Many Biblical figures spent time in creation and the wild places. In those places they were met by God! The wilderness is one of the most intimate places you can go to be with the Lord and allow him to do His work in you.