20/20 Teen Boys


SROM believes that in this present age, the teenage life is saturated with technology and bombarded with post-modern thinking. Not only has culture abandoned the above values, but its message and mantra are a disservice to young men. There is an absence of godly male role models and a constant presence of unrealistic expectations. It is our goal that through the challenge and mentorship of a 20/20 course, God’s truth in Christ will ring louder in the hearts of young men than the pressures, disappointments, and fears that they face daily.

20/20 Teen Boys Course


The 20/20 Teen Boys course is devoted to seeing young men develop a commitment to giving God glory and to build His kingdom.  SROM is passionate for young men to be built up relationally and mentored in a physically and emotionally safe environment. Throughout their 20 days in the wilderness, young men will have an opportunity to see themselves as the Lord sees them: as individuals and leaders. 

Course Considerations

Though this course is designed for all skill levels, it is important to be aware of the demands and challenges you may face. Listed below are some items to keep in mind when preparing for this course or considering signing up for this course:

Learning Objectives

They will participate in outdoor and adventure activities as a team and community. However, these activities are not the focus; they are merely a means for growth, challenge, and refinement. Spiritual growth will come as the group discusses the lessons learned in each activity. The arc between each lesson learned and the practical application to life becomes a catalyst for revelation and change. The experience will lead to a renewed identity in Christ, confidence, restored relationships with family and peers, and leadership development.

Skills covered on the 20/20 Teen Boys course include (but are not limited to) the following:


Day 1-8 Rock Climbing
The course begins with an introduction to rock climbing. Amid the granite rocks of Laramie Peaks, young men will learn the technical skills that are foundational for any SROM rock climbing experience. The skills learned and the time spent climbing together will create opportunities for personal growth and spiritual formation as each person learns deeper trust, overcomes fear, and develops confidence. Each will learn to live in a wilderness environment. Here, instructors will spend time teaching about the essentials of wilderness living. Students will learn to set up camp, pack backpacks, hike with packs, cook delicious food, stay hygienic, and enjoy the wilderness. As the young men become accustomed to their surroundings, they will enjoy the beauty of God’s created world more and more.

Day 9-20 Backpacking
This next section takes place in the beautiful mountains of the world-famous Wind River Range: towering peaks, crystal clear lakes, wildflower meadows, and stunning starlit skies. The group will learn backcountry travel skills and develop greater proficiency in reading topographic maps, navigating on and off trail, campsite selection and set up, and backcountry cooking. The young men will take turns acting as the group Leader of the Day (LOD). Each LOD will be responsible for developing a daily wilderness travel plan, making ongoing decisions, and caring for the safety and welfare of participants. This practical application of leadership skills will be the foundation for leadership development on the course. Mentored by their instructors, the community of young men will learn how they can bring God glory, build His Kingdom, and fight the lies that seek to diminish their beauty and rob them of all they are in Christ.

Course Details

  • Location: Laramie, WY
  • Age: 14-18
  • Tuition (per person): $2900

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2020 Jul 01 – Jul 24

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