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Bring Wilderness to Your Community

Don’t miss this chance to bring the light of God through wilderness to your community!

You may have heard about Pocket Wilderness last year when we did our initial “Call Out” for interest. Well, God has been moving MIGHTILY in this brand new program!

If you are interested in becoming a Pocket Wilderness Guide in your area, we are currently accepting applications for our 2020 Team! 

The Vision of Pocket Wilderness is to encourage believers and seekers alike to escape distractions and re-connect with God, others, and your purpose.

We believe God is calling facilitators and drawing participants into a time of “biblical wilderness.” He wants to refresh His people and kindle points of light around the world.

We recognize there are people who may never go on an expedition style SROM course in Wyoming. But we believe that each and every person would benefit and enjoy a focused time in God’s creation. 

Jesus Christ throughout His ministry on earth modeled a pattern of withdrawing to the wilderness to pray to His Father. Biblical history has established wilderness as a medium for God to speak tenderly to His people and draw them closer to Himself. 

So we are calling out to the Body of Christ to join us for this coming year to escape, go, and connect on a deeper level with God, each other, and the plans and purposes God has for each of His children: to make disciples who make disciples in the context of wilderness. 

“The daily list of seemingly urgent things to do, respond to, schedules to keep, emails and texts to respond to as well as interest in the news is all good but intrusive and interrupting to a rhythm that is more conducive to healthy growth and real productivity.  The schedule and rhythm we had on course allowed predictable quiet time, natural interactions, physical activity and enough rest to connect with God and others in meaningful ways.”

David Poer - Pocket Wilderness Guide Training 2019

This training course will give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to start up and facilitate Pocket Wilderness Weekends in your local areas. 

Here’s what Pocket Wilderness Guide Training includes:

1) Facilitating the physical journey: Instructing and facilitating weekend journeys into local or regional outdoor settings. Empowering each participant to return to the wilderness again and again.

2) Promoting active stillness: Teaching the Gospel of Christ for life application. Modeling Christian solitude, contemplation, fellowship and prayer.

3) Framing of spiritual solitude: Framing times of spiritual solitude and providing opportunities for divine encounter.

4) Establishing authentic community: Building a fellowship of authentic community through encouragement of intentional time with God, self and others.

Join the Pocket Wilderness Team of 2020!

Click the button below to apply or for more information. You can also call 307.755.0642×100 and talk with Admissions for more information about this exciting New Program!