Pocket Wilderness Guides Training Course



We believe God is highlighting Pocket Wilderness Weekends, calling Pocket Wilderness Guides and drawing participants into a time of “biblical wilderness” in order to refresh His people and kindle points of light around the our nation and even the globe.


“Biblical wilderness” // A spiritual pilgrimage into wilderness within a small intimate community seeking divine encounter with God.


Why a “Pocket” Wilderness Program?

While the mission of SROM has been chiefly executed within the technical deep wilderness expeditions, we recognize there are people who may never go on an extended SROM course, but who would benefit and enjoy a focused time in God’s creation. 


In view of this, SROM is connecting the original vision of SROM and “points of light” within the context of the Pocket Wilderness Program.  SROM sees this program as both a follow-up “rhythm” of wilderness withdrawal to SROM’s deep wilderness expeditions and feeder system for those participants who would experience the benefits of spiritually focused wilderness in the pocket setting before arranging an extended withdrawal on a SROM extended wilderness expedition.


The Mission

Pocket Wilderness Weekends will be designed to empower God’s people to build the disciplined rhythm of:

The Goal of a Pocket Wilderness Weekend is to put the model of intentional withdrawal to wilderness for the purpose of seeking divine encounter with Christ into action.  



The Pocket Wilderness Guide Training Course is available to all individuals who meet the following experience prerequisites. Individuals must have completed the Employment Application process with SROM and the remote training sessions. The goal is to enroll participants who have a wide foundation wilderness experience that can be built upon and developed into greater leadership roles to facilitate Pocket Wilderness Weekends. Participants should come ready to build upon past experiences, explore and refine their competencies, and be challenged in their relationship with God. Please take a look at the descriptions below.


Those applying for Pocket Wilderness Guide position with SROM must have the following:

Role of the Pocket Wilderness Guide

Facilitating the physical journey: 

Guiding and facilitating weekend trips into local or regional outdoor settings. Empowering each participant to return to the wilderness again and again.


Promoting active stillness:

Establishing the Gospel of Christ for life application by modeling Christian solitude, contemplation, fellowship and prayer.


Framing of spiritual solitude:

Framing times of spiritual solitude and providing opportunities for divine encounter.


Establishing authentic community: 

Building a fellowship of authentic community through encouragement of intentional time with God, self and others.

  1. Guiding and facilitating weekend journeys into local or regional outdoor settings.  
  2. Empowering each participant to return to the wilderness again and again.
  3. Teaching the Gospel of Christ for life application.
  4. Modeling Christian solitude, contemplation, fellowship and prayer.
  5. Framing times of spiritual solitude and providing opportunities for divine encounter.

Learning Objectives


The following is a list of some but not all of the learning objectives and skills that will be taught and practiced on the Pocket Wilderness Guide Training Course.

Meta Skills:

Soft Skills:

Hard Skills:

Leave No Trace, Environmental Ethics, and Land Management

Leave No Trace includes principles and practices that prevent, reduce, or mitigate impacts of human activity in the backcountry. SROM is an ardent proponent of Leave No Trace education and practice, and a corporate nonprofit partner with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (the Center). The Center serves as a national steward for a standardized Leave No Trace curriculum. SROM instructors are certified as Leave No Trace Trainers by the Center. SROM provides a unique Christian version of the standard Leave No Trace curriculum by infusing it with Scripture, Biblical perspectives, and Christian tradition. Throughout the country, various laws and regulations govern use of wildlands managed by the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and other agencies. Wildland management and environmental ethics are essential to this course. Understanding and appreciating the blessing and unique character of these wildlands guides students in the way they eat, sleep, travel, and practice their skills while in the backcountry.

Course Details

  • Location: Laramie, WY
  • Age: 21+
  • Tuition (per person): $600

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