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Who’s Running the House?

By: Josh Horak

When the blood of Jesus was shed on Calvary, you became the righteousness of God! The moment you received this incredible gift, you were adopted, cleansed, made whole, given a new nature, and empowered as a new creation child of God. You were made Holy, and now the “Holy” Spirit lives in you! It needs to hit home that the Holy Spirit dwells inside your body and that is why we fast!

This is what Jesus was talking about as He defined fasting in the context of the New Covenant — the covenant you and I are living in! People in ancient times used the skin of a goat to carry water or wine, with its edges sewn to make it watertight. When new wine was put in these skins, as it fermented, it would expand, stretching the wine skin. In this process, the presence of the wine actually grew and expanded the wineskin.

Jesus used this metaphor to demonstrate why we fast. The wineskin is you–your true-self. The wine is the Holy Spirit.  As you fast, the Holy Spirit is poured into you and it stretches, expands, and grows your spirit man on the inside…forcing your body and soul to mature and yield to your spirit man in the process.

You see, you were created in the image of God. God is a three part being and so are you. You are a spirit, with a soul and a body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Your spirit is the new creation in Christ; your soul is your mind, emotions, personality, and will; your body is your earth suit. The question remains, which one of these three entities is in charge?

Your spirit is to be the adult of the house, your soul is like the teenager and your body is like the infant. Have you ever seen a home run by an infant? It would be absolute chaos! Have you ever seen a home run by a teenager that thinks they know everything? It is a disaster. It is not divine order for an infant or teenager to be in charge of the family–that is the role of the parent or adult.

This is why we “Seek first the Kingdom of God….” with fasting. When we fast with the purpose of seeking first the Kingdom of God, we are reminding the house who is really in charge–our spirit man–and we are giving the Holy Spirit room to grow, expand and take up leadership over our souls and bodies.

The Holy Spirit in us is to grow and expand like the wine within a winskin so much that the wineskin can now be freely poured out. This means, in the Kingdom, there is no burnout. There is no exhaustion. There are no limitations. There is never a lack of love, strength, life and resources. All you do now is win! When we seek first His Kingdom and put His Spirit in charge of us as the “house”, we live with a forever filling, forever expanding, and forever outpouring of Jesus with our lives in every sphere of influence.

Here is my challenge to you. Read Romans 8:1-16 and see how your Spirit, with His Spirit, is to lead you as the house of God. Let His Spirit, lead your spirit into living, acting and loving as a mature child of God.