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More of You, Less of Me

By: Josh Horak

The most important person on the face of this earth today is the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is more important than our national government, more important than your local government and more important than all the law enforcement in your city. He contains more knowledge than all the libraries on the earth. The Holy Spirit has more power and ability than all the doctors, scientists and inventors combined. The person of the Holy Spirit is the most important person in your life, in your city and on this planet! Why is the Holy Spirit so important? Because the Holy Spirit is the one that Jesus sent to finish the work that the Father intended to be done – establishing the Kingdom of God here on earth! Therefore, the most important work on earth is not your work, it is the work of the Holy Spirit.  If we are going to advance Christ’s Kingdom on this planet we must learn to value and partner with the Holy Spirit!

Jesus made a way for you to know the Holy Spirit in the exact same way He knows the Holy Spirit. Let me explain. Before the death of Jesus, the Holy Spirit could not enter a man or woman’s body and take up permanent residence. Your old man and sinful nature made your body unclean and the Holy Spirit could not inhabit an unclean vessel. It took a blood covenant to deal with the sin issue that was still separating man from God, sanctifying man, so that God could live with man once again.  When the blood of Jesus was shed on cavalry, you became the righteousness of God and the Righteous Spirit could live in you. When you became born again because of the work of Jesus on the cross, you were made Holy, and now the “Holy” Spirit can reside in you! Let me say it another way—you were set apart by the blood of Jesus, so that the set apart one can live in you and you can live a set apart life!


To be born again means you become a new creation. All of God now lives on the inside of you (the Holy Spirit) and you are once again back in fellowship with God. Because of the work of Jesus and the Person of the Holy Spirit you have gained what the first Adam lost – fellowship and dominion with God!

This is why Jesus said in John 16:14, “It is better I go away… because if I don’t the Holy Spirit will not come.” Put yourself in the disciples’ shoes. Your leader, who you know to be the Son of God, has just told you that He needs to leave you—and that His departure will be for your benefit. That would sound crazy to me! Yet, the disciples did not understand that while Jesus was on this earth the Holy Spirit was limited to one body – His body.

Now, because of His work on the cross and being seated with the Father, the Holy Spirit has been given to many bodies! The body of Christ is now comprised of all his sons and daughters living on the earth today. A Jesus movement is being released by the Holy Spirit and you are the chosen carrier! Anytime you need something from Jesus, you can receive it through the Holy Spirit. While Jesus walked this earth, he was limited to ministering in one location at a time. The Holy Spirit can have a million conversations and do a million things all over the earth at the same time. So when the Bible says the earth will be full of the glory of God, it is speaking of His sons and daughters all over the planet full of His Spirit!

Remember, the Holy Spirit is exactly like Jesus; He is the Spirit of Christ, Jesus in Spirit form. Are you starting to see how amazing the Holy Spirit is? Do you see why Jesus said “it is better I go away and the Holy Spirit comes”? Can you now see why you can’t afford to NOT get to know this person who is living on the inside of you! Do you see that there is no Kingdom of God without the Holy Spirit?

My closing question for you is this: YOU HAVE ALL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT BUT HOW MUCH DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT HAVE OF YOU? Stop asking for more of the Holy Spirit and start giving the Holy Spirit more of you.

This is the prayer I invite you to pray during this new year…pause and wait on the LORD after every sentence:

“Holy Spirit, I thank you that I have ALL of you living inside me. Holy Spirit, now I give you ALL of me. Show me every piece of me I am withholding from you so I can give it to you. Become the most important relationship in my life. As you lived in and led Jesus, now I give you myself to live in and lead. I love you Holy Spirit! Amen.”