Contract Course

Take a look at SROM’s contract course overview to help you determine what your wilderness expedition could look like.

Wind River Range-Contract Courses

“In His hand are the deep places of the earth; The heights of the hills are His also.”

Psalm 95:4

Contract courses range from 1 to 7 days long. SROM provides activities like rock climbing, rappelling, backpacking, and mountaineering in God’s wilderness classroom. Participants on a custom course learn about unity, teamwork, communication, and the truth of God’s promises in the midst of challenge. They experience the presence of God in His creation and within their community.

Join the thousands of individuals that have experienced the Lord on a SROM custom course and spent time in the wilderness in the same tradition as Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, King David, the Apostle Paul, and others.


SROM designs custom backpacking courses to develop authentic community and leadership skills within a short time. Backpacking courses journey through the majestic beauty of God’s creation, promoting fellowship among participants. Living in the wilderness, trekking through the mountains, and serving one another creates an environment for individuals to grow in their relationship with Christ and in their relationships with each other.

Rock Climbing

This experience is an exceptional way to safely push individuals beyond their comfort zones. The SROM rock climbing course challenges individuals to face and overcome fears, build trust in themselves and others, and grow in self confidence. Rock climbing often reveals the character of an individual and the dynamics of a group. Time spent rock climbing is often a catalyst for faith building, spiritual renewal, character formation, and community development.

Rock Climbing & Backpacking

This flagship custom course includes a 6 to 7 day rock climbing and backpacking experience. Participants spend 3 days rock climbing and learning to live in the outdoors, then spend 3 to 4 days backpacking. This trip concludes with a climb to the top of a mountain peak. This is one of the most popular courses that SROM offers.

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