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A Grateful Heart of Thanks

This time of year, all of us are conditioned to look ahead towards the future: the holidays and the new year. But it is precisely for that reason that we, here at SROM, tend to look back and reflect at all of the amazing things God has accomplished in the lives and hearts of our summer staff and our students. And it is through looking back at the incredible “Ebeneezer” monuments from the summer of the incredible works of God, that this beautiful feeling starts bubbling up in our hearts.


Love & Thankfulness.


It is with great love and thankfulness that we come to you this month as our partners in ministry. We come to you praising God for what He has done! For the amazing harvest that He has reaped from the faithful sowing and planting that you, dear friends, have planted in SROM, our staff, and in our students. The harvest from this 2018 season was abundant and so life giving! We could not and cannot accomplish all that has been without you. So in the spirit of a thankful heart, we want to honor you for your prayers, your generosity, and the faithfulness in which you pursue Christ and pursue His children.
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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to share a few testimonies from our students who were greatly impacted and changed because of you sowing seeds in SROM. Their stories of what God did in them in the Wilderness are incredible and were possible because of the love and support from all of you! So here are a few videos of our 2018 Students in their own words how the Love of God through you made such an incredible impact in their lives.
Thank you for partnering with us in making disciples who make disciples of Christ for His Glory and His Kingdom!
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Audrey Hancock

Audrey and her husband Britt founded Mountain Gateway an organization that trains, equips, and sends missionaries into some of the most rural areas in Central and South America. They have been training missionaries and their families for over 30 years and took some time to connect and equip themselves and several of their staff on the Wilderness Ministry Professionals Course.
**Click on the photo to watch Audrey’s testimony**

Andrew Reitveld

Andrew and his sister both came on a SROM course this year! Andrew went on the 20/20 Teen Boys course and gained incredible insight into himself, but also into the character of God.
**Click on the photo to watch Andrew’s testimony.**
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Katy Grunstra

Katy is no stranger to SROM as she has had several siblings come on courses with SROM. But also one of her older brothers works here full time! If you’ve ever called the office, you will have spoken with Tim, Katy’s brother.
But Katy initially wasn’t really thinking about coming on a course at the beginning of this year. She was actually the winner of our Brew Up art contest this spring and so God presented her with an opportunity to draw even closer to Him in a mighty way!
Katy’s experiences and transformation on the 40/40 are incredible so be sure to listen to her story of how God met her in the Wilderness!
**Click on the photo to watch Katy’s testimony.**
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These are just a few of the stories of lives that were impacted in mighty ways in the Wilderness this summer! To read and view more, click the links below for more student testimonies from 2018.
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It’s exciting to see what God has been doing in and through each of these student and staff members lives! But it couldn’t happen without your prayers and financial support.
Wondering how you can help and be a part of SROM? Giving Tuesday is just around the corner, so here are some ideas:
  • SROM Needs a Suburban! We are looking for a 2008 or newer, under 100,000 miles Suburban vehicle for SROM’s use. If you would like to Donate the vehicle or contribute to it’s purchase, please email admissions@srom.org for more information on how to donate.
  • Holiday Shopping using Amazon SmileWhen you do your holiday shopping using Amazon Smile and choose Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry, Amazon donates 1% on all your purchases to SROM!