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To the Nations

By: Rachel Engle

One of the core values at SROM is “The Nations” which comes from the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20.


“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (emphasis added)


It is God’s heart that all people come to know, love, and follow God. It is a global movement.

Early this month we had three leaders who work in China or specifically serve Chinese students come do a custom, shortened version of our Wilderness Ministries Professionals Course (WMPC), in essence our instructor training.

It was amazing to hear what God has been doing in China and through Chinese student ministries in the states. Let us introduce you a little to each one:



Brent has been serving in China and Chinese campus ministries for the past 30 years

and currently serves with LeaderSource SGA. The executive director of LeaderSource SGA, Malcom Webber, is the author of many books on spiritual leadership. At SROM we use his 5 C’s model of healthy leaders. Brent has been reflecting on his past 30 years in ministry and starting to dream about what the next 30 years will hold.

Please be praying for Brent and what God will be calling him to do over the next 30 years – that he would be encouraged by what has already been accomplished and excited for what God will do next.



Ed’s story and coming to Christ is truly remarkable. More of his story and how our two ministries could come together next summer is below.



Sue Hong is a pastor in China. He understands the power of outdoor experiential education and they have been leading 2-3 day trips, sometimes taking 100 people on a single trip! They are in need of developing spiritual, outdoor experiential education leaders and expanding this part of their ministry.

This is why Sue Hong came on this trip with SROM – to experience how we develop those leaders and start thinking about how he will develop leaders in his area and start his own development strategy.

Please be praying for the work that God is doing through Sue Hong and that he would continue to fearlessly proclaim the gospel. (Ephesians 6:19-20)




Ed grew up poor in China but excelled incredibly in school and got into Bejing University. Bejing University is like getting into the Harvard of Harvards. It is the best college in China, period. His future wife also got in.

It was here that he got involved with a mountaineering club. When he joined the club, he was very shy and had very little confidence. He got to experience first-hand how outdoor experiential education can dramatically impact one’s character, confidence, and leadership.

After getting their undergrad degrees in China, both Ed and his wife decided to pursue MBAs in the states. Ed got into the University of Michigan and it was here that he met Brent who was running a campus ministry to Chinese students at the time. Ed had little interest in learning about Jesus, except for more cultural knowledge and information, which was fairly common for the Chinese students. However, Brent and Ed developed a friendship.

Fast forward to after Ed and his wife receive their masters and are both working at prestigious companies. Ed and his wife were living in two different states, far apart, and neither wanted to switch their jobs so they could be living in the same place. This added great tension to what was already building in their marriage and Ed’s wife asked for a divorce.

This is when Ed turned to Brent to save their marriage. Brent told Ed only Jesus could save his marriage but he would be willing to sit down with them both. However, they would have to both meet with him together. So, Ed’s wife flew in to meet and after both of them shared, Ed reiterated that he could not fix their marriage, only Jesus could, and asked them if they would like to hear about Jesus. They said yes and Brent shared the gospel with them both and they both accepted Christ that day.

After the two of them accepted Christ, Brent told them that they had to be living together. Ed asked who should move and Brent said they would have to pray and ask Jesus about that. Ed was convinced that Jesus was going to ask him to move as his wife is a very strong-willed woman, what he called a tiger wife. It would practically be a miracle if she moved. You can imagine Ed’s amazement then when his wife told him that she felt like Jesus was telling her to move to be with him.

Now they are both working in Austin, TX and God has led Ed to start a ministry to Chinese exchange middle school and high school students. Ed, having been part of the mountaineering club at Bejing University, understands the power of outdoor experiential education to develop character, confidence, and leadership and now spiritual transformation.

Ed eagerly desires for these trips to be a part of the exchange students experience and we are looking at creating some custom trips for them next summer.

SROM would be honored to partner with Ed to further change lives through encountering the living God in the wilderness, learning who God is and who God created them to be, that they may become points of light through all the nations!



It is exciting to see what God has been doing in and through each of these men’s lives. Please continue to pray for them and for China, that God’s work will continue to grow and flourish – that more leaders for the Kingdom, sons and daughters of light, will be born.