Full Time Staff

In addition to our many volunteers and seasonal instructor staff, SROM has seven full time employees. Each person is an integral and valuable part of the SROM family. SROM is grateful to the Lord for calling each person to give of their time, energy, talents, passion, and gifts.

SROM believes the Lord calls each person to the ministry. To serve on the board, as summer staff, or as full time staff is a vocational calling, not something contrived by man or based on personality or personal charisma. The Lord calls and we serve.



Andrew Arnold

Executive Director

BA – Wabash College
Andrew is married to Jessica and they have three children: Isabel Catherine, Sara Marie, and Andrew Flynn. Andrew grew up in the SROM family and culture. As a young boy he began to climb with his father, uncle, and cousins. His life was changed by the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of the Father on Harrower Peak overlooking Titcomb Basin in the Wind River Range during a SROM course in the summer of 1999. Since that encounter Andrew has been passionate and convinced that SROM is a part of the Kingdom of God to change, reach, touch, and equip individuals. Andrew joined the ministry in 1999 as full time staff to help his father, Drew Arnold, who founded SROM. In 2003 Andrew was appointed Executive Director.


Laura Albert

Marketing Manager & Executive Assistant

BAS- University of Minnesota Duluth

Laura grew up in a small town in southern Wisconsin with family who were always active in the outdoors. It was through family trips of camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and snowsports that fostered in her a deep love for creation. Laura continued in this love for creation and the Creator by teaching and mentoring young women in Girl Scouts while sea kayaking the northern Midwest waterways. It was through summers on the shores of Lake Superior that God revealed His plan for her to reach the lost through His creation. Laura spent many seasons after college with the National Park Service, Young Life, and guiding youth and adults healing from addictions in the Pacific Northwest taking them out into wild places to meet with God. He brought Laura to SROM the summer of 2015 as the Course Logistics Manager and moved mightily in her life that summer! After witnessing the amazing ways Abba moved in the hearts and lives of students, He called Laura back to SROM full-time, and she said yes with her whole heart! Laura has seen the broken hearted and walked alongside them in wilderness and witnessed the transformational effect of God’s love for them. Knowing the fulfillment of His plans and the destiny for her life, she is thrilled to serve at SROM and provide opportunities for God’s people to retreat into creation, to heal, learn to love, and to fall deeper in love with Jesus.


Rachel Engle

Marketing & Design Manager

BA- Seattle Pacific University

Rachel grew up at a Christian kids camp surrounded by National Forest. It was here that she came to know and fall in love with God. In 2013, she felt released to pursue, to a greater measure, her deep desire for people to come to know and love God through His creation. As a first step, she took the Wilderness Ministries Professional Course with SROM. Rachel has gone to Christian schools –kindergarten through college, been part of various churches, AND grew up at a Christian kids camp. So she was a bit arrogant and did not think the course would impact her much spiritually – she had been around her fair share of Christian programming. However, God did powerfully meet her in the wilderness and moved more of her head knowledge – that she belonged in the family of God – to her heart. Deep down Rachel knew she wanted to work full-time for SROM but fear held her back. So, like many biblical figures, she ran from the call. Yet God continued to prepare her. Through different life events, God slowly called her back to working full-time at SROM, facing her fears, and trusting that God will provide, like He always has. She is excited and thankful to be a part of this ministry. Although it is always important, she knows to a much greater degree, that this is a pivotal time in America to raise up and develop passionate apprentices of Jesus, leaders who not only know God intellectually but experientially, moving their head knowledge to their heart. God has been using the wilderness and experiential education to do just that since the beginning of time.



Emily Cable

Warehouse & Facilities Manager

Morgan Community College
Born and raised on the plains of northeaster Colorado, Emily has always relished being outdoors.  Yearly camping trips in the Rockies with her family and hearing her mother’s backpacking stories instilled in her a love for the mountains and inspired Emily to go on her first backpacking trip with SROM when she was 15.  On that 10-day course, God gave Emily the desire to be a mountain guide who preaches the Gospel of Christ to those she leads.  Emily has met with her Lord in the wilderness and has experienced the peace and transformation that the Holy Spirit brings by faith and repentance.  She is excited to be a part of providing others with the incredible opportunity for God to change their life and fall deeper in love with Jesus in the wilderness setting.  Emily was blessed with the privilege of interning with SROM during the summer of 2013, and joined SROM’s full-time staff later that year.  She is overjoyed to be pursuing her passion of serving Jesus Christ her Lord by working with SROM to preach the Gospel and raise up passionate Christ followers!



Jacob Chmielowiec

Information & Technology Manager

BS – University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Jacob grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin where hunting small game and building forts are common pastimes for young boys. The North Woods inspired an appreciation for wild places that continued into high school and college, where he began rock climbing and mountaineering. It was also during this time that Jacob met Christ and began the journey that led to SROM. In 2004 Jacob began volunteering at a local youth group and continued to serve there until moving to Wyoming and joining SROM. Jacob believes in the life changing power of the gospel as well as the special role wilderness plays in spiritual development. These convictions brought him to SROM as summer staff in 2009 and led him to join full time staff in 2012. Jacob works at SROM because: There are desperate needs all around the world for men and women who will lay their lives down to serve God and one another. I want to be a part of that. Jacob is passionate about making other people awesome in Christ, mountaineering/alpine climbing, photography, film, music, and learning.



Timothy Grunstra

Admissions & Customer Support Manager

BA – Emory & Henry College
Born in the Appalachian Mountains of Banner Elk NC, Tim was 3rd born in a Christian family with 3 brothers and 4 sisters who were not only home-schooled, but taught to love the Lord. He and his family love music and the outdoors. Tim’s family moved to Bristol VA when he was one year old and it was eventually discovered he had difficulty with speech, reading and writing. During high school Tim spent every summer working at various camps as a counselor and it was during his summer at Doe River Gorge Ministries, in Hampton TN, when Tim first entertained the idea of being a Christian outdoor educator. He trusted God to give him the education he would need and despite being advised against attending college, graduated with honors from Emory and Henry College earning a BA in Public Policy and Community Service. After graduating, Tim began preparations for a through hike of the entire 2185 miles of the Appalachian Trail, where he spent many hours hiking and seeking God’s plan for his life. The answer he received was to wait and trust God. The month Tim completed the hike, his grandfather fell, breaking his hip. The family needed someone to help care for his grandmother and grandfather while he waited for his hip to recover, and God had Tim ready to serve. The following summer Tim heard about SROM, and with his sister Grace, attended SROM’s Wilderness Ministry Professionals Course in August of 2015. Tim realized that if he were to establish a ministry, SROM was already set up doing exactly what he would want to do. So Tim applied to minister full time with SROM in September of 2015. Tim’s desire is to help others overcome struggles, through the Lord’s help. Tim is overjoyed to find a calling where he can use his skills and passions for the glory of God’s kingdom.



Emily Hall

Accreditation & Administrative Manager

BA – Colby College
Emily joins the SROM community from Tennessee, where she first encountered God during high school backpacking trips. Not growing up in a Christian home, it was in the context of wilderness that she first considered the reality of a loving God. She attended Colby College in Maine where she graduated with a BA in Environmental Biology and was actively involved in the Colby Christian Fellowship. She first worked at SROM in the summers during college, and came on full time staff in the fall of 2010. Her passion for wilderness ministry grew out of her own encounters, and her heart is for people to grasp the depth of the Father’s love. After spending time in Africa, she dreams of going overseas to minister to remote people groups combining her wilderness skills and experience in environmental biology.



Daria Holler

Admissions & Customer Support Manager

BS – Pennsylvania State University
Since December of 2009, Daria has been on a journey from Pennsylvania, to California, and now to Laramie.  After 4 years of teaching environmental education in the Northern California Redwood Forest, Daria came on a Wilderness Ministry Professionals Course with SROM in the summer of 2014 thirsty to build better leadership skills.  Her heart was completely rocked and overwhelmed with the understanding of God’s unconditional love for His children and presence through His creation. After her WMPC course, Daria felt a very clear direction from God to apply for a full-time position with SROM and to use the gifts that He had been sharpening in her during her time in Northern California.



Josh Horak

Discipleship Director

BA – Colorado State University
Josh has been working with SROM since 2001. He instructed during the summers for SROM while attending Colorado State University. He graduated from CSU in 2004 and joined the full time staff as the 40/40 Director in 2005. Josh’s passion for Jesus takes him around the region teaching and preaching at youth groups, churches, and local Bible studies. He has also been known to lead worship on the guitar now and again. Josh works for SROM because of “the lasting impact it has on youth and adults by leading them into a place where they can experience the heart of the Father and His affection for them.” He is excited about raising up leaders who know how important it is for their true identity to always be sons of God. Josh loves to cheer people on to love Jesus by adjusting their lives according to the Kingdom of God, where every area of life is under Jesus’ rule and reign. Josh’s free time consists of long hard rock routes, navigating crazy fun creeks in his kayak, lung bursting runs, or a good dose of any kind of adventure. He and his wife Amy are always thinking of new ways to serve Jesus and see his Kingdom established in the nations. Josh feels so honored to be married to Amy. She is a woman of God that runs hard, inspires him to run hard, and knows her priorities – Jesus.


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