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Wilderness Expansion Project

SROM operates and provides premier wilderness ministry and outdoor education experiences in our nation’s most pristine and wild places. In order to ensure continued access to these places, SROM owns and actively pursues public land use permits from the regulatory government agencies of these lands.

Wilderness Permits

SROM obtains permits from several public land agencies: the United States Forest Service (USFS), the National Park Service (NPS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In order to operate in these lands, organizations providing services for a fee must possess permits. Many land agencies offer permits based on a “user day” system. “User days” are measured by multiplying the group size by the number of days you will spend in the public lands. The land agency requires an itinerary and fee for every user day spent on the public lands. These permits are often difficult to obtain as there is a limited quota. Many times the only way to obtain additional permits is to purchase them from a current permit holder.

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Wind River Range

The Wind River Range is a primary operating area for SROM. The Wind River Range is administered by the United States Forest Service and considered one of the most beautiful and pristine wilderness areas in the lower 48 states. Many forest services and wilderness areas across the country have placed a moratorium on issuing new permits because the areas are at or over capacity for use. The Wind River Range is no exception. As a result user permits and user days are impossible to acquire unless they are purchased from an existing permit holder. Help us expand our programming and user permits in the Wind River Range.

SROM currently holds two priority permits to operate in the Wind River Range.  These permits grant access for 1,100 guaranteed user days.  This would allow SROM to lead 42 students on 40/40 courses each summer.  However, as SROM expands and grows there is a need to acquire additional permits.  A business is on the market that would allow SROM access to thousands of user days in the Winds.  This business and permit is currently being sold for 1.25 million dollars.  SROM is actively pursuing donors and foundations to acquire the necessary capital to acquire this business.

This is a large capital investment for SROM, yet crucial for our continued operation and future expansion. SROM is praying and asking God to provide the finances. We are asking you to pray and discern if the Lord would have you contribute financially to the purchase of this opportunity. Please consider how you can be a part of this historic capacity-building investment that will be important for the transformation of lives and development of leaders through SROM.

Teton Wilderness

The vast Teton Wilderness is located below the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park and east of Grand Teton National Park. The Teton Wilderness is one of the premier wilderness areas in the lower 48 states. Among many other features, the Teton Wilderness is notable for having the most remote location (farthest from any road) of any place in the lower 48 states. It is unmatched in terms of beauty, low use and visitor traffic and alpine plateaus that offer panoramic views in all directions.  It is a remarkable environment for SROM programming of deep wilderness expeditions.

In the spring of 2014, SROM purchased an existing outfitter in the Teton Wilderness with 600 priority use permit days.  SROM arranged to purchase the business and permits for $60,000 with the following terms; $30,000 down, $30,000 over two years payable on the anniversary of the sale, with no interest.  SROM is looking for people interested in donating to the remaining balance on this purchase to enables us to expand our deep wilderness programming to this remarkable location.

American Southwest

Additionally, SROM is expanding programming to the Southwest United States to extend our operating season into the spring and fall seasons. Over the next five years SROM will increase programming options and opportunities in the wilderness places of the Southwest. It will require finances and resources to obtain permits and/or user days. It will also require much research to explore and develop these areas. SROM anticipates that it will cost $10,000 per year over the next five years or $50,000 to expand programming in the Southwest. This includes the development of a small southwest base and branch.

Financial objectives for the Wilderness Expansion Project


Purchase available business that provides thousands of user days in the Wind River Range, Wyoming $1,250,000

Payoff permit acquisition in the Teton Wilderness $30,000

Research and development of spring and fall program areas in the southwestern United States $50,000

Estimated cost of Wilderness Expansion Fund $1,330,000


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