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Women’s Custom Backpacking Course

Informational Page


Informational Page

Let the adventure begin…



Snowy Range Mountains in Medicine Bow National Forest just outside of Centennial, WY


Saturday, July 2nd – Friday, July 8th


A Custom Women’s Backpacking Trip designed to allow women to connect with God and one another, get refreshed by being outdoors and disconnecting from distractions, and refocus on the important things in life.


All women from the Waco Christian community are welcome!


Here are quotes from women who have gone on an all women’s backpacking trip for the same amount of time, and in the same place. God moves on these courses!

“I was able to be more attentive to the Spirit because there were no distractions, I was off the grid, and in an environment that declares the glory of God.” 

 “I was chained to my need for perfection, causing me to avoid situations that would allow me to grow, and it weighed me down with a lack of self-confidence. Now I’m learning to accept failure as an opportunity to grow and receive Jesus’s strength in my weakness”. 

“I came away from this trip with a deeper knowing that I am loved and that I am enough.” 

“Wilderness is a necessity. As I sat there and observed creation in serenity. I felt so at peace and relaxed which is so different from how I feel in the front country. I think the Lord meant for us to spend intentional time in the wilderness to connect with Him regularly.” 

Additional details:

  • The cost of the trip is $730.00 per person. This includes a shuttle from Denver International Airport to Laramie and back. Please note, this does not include the flight to and from Denver International Airport. This flight must be purchased separately by each individual. Please see below for more details.
  • All travel to and from the Denver International Airport must be coordinated by oneself. Please plan on arriving at Denver International Airport on July 2nd no later than 2:30pm. All return flights must leave on July 8th from Denver International Airport. *SROM will provide a shuttle to and from the airport.*
  • SROM provides the majority of the supplies needed for the backpacking trip. Please refer to the packing list on what is available to rent, and what will be required for you to acquire. 
  • All food starting at 5:00/dinner on July 2nd to breakfast on July 8th will be provided for. 
  • All informational paperwork will be sent after registration is completed (this includes a policy packet, training information, rental request form, invoice, and more).

What’s next?

IF you have any questions, contact us! We would be happy to connect with you. Please contact the Custom Course Manager, Audrey Stelzer. Her direct email is audreys@srom.org

IF you are ready to commit and officially sign up for the course, please click the thumbs up icon below to begin the registration process! We are excited to have you and cannot wait to see what God will do with you and your team in the wilderness!