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Summer Internship

Dive deep into the wilderness ministry career path.


Need some hands on experience to see if wilderness ministry could be the career path for you?
Look no further. 


In the Summer Internship you will learn the ins and outs of wilderness ministry. From administrative and logistic skills in the front country to going on a backcountry SROM course, you’ll get an intimate view of how a wilderness ministry can function “…in the world, but not of it.”

You will also be part of a Christ-centered community and journey deep into the Father’s heart through a transformational summer of both intentional front country community and a backcountry wilderness experience. Walking away you will have grown in Christ, developed a wide array of skills as a wilderness ministry professional, and made life-long friends.


Course details at a glance.

June 3 – August 16, 2021

Arrive: 8 am | Depart: 7 pm





617 Plaza Ct, Laramie, WY


Laramie, WY

Essential Eligibility

Skill Level: Beginner Friendly

There are no prerequisites for this course except a desire to learn and grow. We will teach you the hard skills in the front country, working with administrative systems, going on a backcountry SROM course, and helping with course logistics, you’ll learn the skills needed to gain a basic understanding how to manage a wilderness ministry.

Physical Ability:

  • Work varied hours doing administrative tasks at the SROM Base
  • Carry a backpack 40-60% of your body weight, hiking 4-8 miles a day on the backpacking section
  • Hike and camp at elevations of 8,000 ft. and up
  • Long days, often up at 6 am and in bed at 9 pm

 Interns will not only assist the Logistics Staff with different tasks, but you will also get to experience a SROM course and gain valuable professional development through being enrolled in the Wilderness First Responder and participating on the 10/10 Adult Climbing and Backpacking course as a student. Upon completing the internship, Interns will receive a full tuition refund of their Wilderness First Responder Course. 

Interns will also be given a $300/mo stipend and housing is provided withing biking distance to the SROM Base. 

Major Skills Learned


We would be happy to chat. Call (307) 755-0642 or email admissions@srom.org.


An overview of what to expect with the internship.


You will meet your leaders and team at SROM headquarters in Laramie, WY. The day will start with a brief orientation as you get to know your leaders and team members. You will get to move into SROM housing and get settled before you start your internship. 

Section 1 // Training

After your arrival, you will get to know the other interns, semester students, seasonal and full time staff. During this orientation, you will learn more about the “Why” of what SROM does and the impact your role as an intern and working with the Logistics staff has for the Kingdom! Your training will be on systems, projects, and the like of what you will be working with for the summer. 

A Typical Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
8:30 AM: Training topics
Noon – Lunch: on own
1:00 – 5:00 PM: Training topics

Section 2 // Wilderness First Responder

First day of the WFR you will meet the rest of your team, and be driven out to the site where your course will take place.

You will be doing a mixture of learning in a classroom and doing outdoor scenarios to practice the skills being taught in the classroom.

A Typical Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
6:00 AM – Breakfast
7:30 AM – Classroom begins
Noon – Lunch
1:00 pm Practice Scenario
3:00 PM -Classroom time
5:00 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Study and review time.
9:00 PM – Bedtime

Section 3 // SROM Base Logistics Team

During this section you will be working closely with the Logistics Team on projects for courses from re-ration schedules to helping students and instructors with prepping for their courses. 

A Typical Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
8:30 AM: Projects and tasks on SROM Base with logistics team
Noon – Lunch: on own
1:00 – 5:00 PM: Projects and tasks on SROM Base with logistics team

Section 4 // 10 Day SROM Adventure

Part 1: Rock Climbing

With packs packed, you’ll head out to a world-class venue for rock climbing, Vedauwoo Recreation Area. Here you will start your time in community, learning to exercise trust and acquiring tools for overcoming fear. You will learn basic climbing knots, how to belay a climber, and climbing techniques.

Each day will have a spiritual theme with family time in the evenings that often includes worship, teaching and discussion. Your leaders will also model for you what it means to be a leader of the day (LOD) and then you will get a chance to be a leader of the day for at least one of the days on course.

A Typical Rock Climbing Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
6:00 AM – Breakfast: cook breakfast with your cook group
8:30 AM: Gear packed for a day of rock climbing
Noon – Lunch: Eat while out climbing
3:30 PM: Head back to base camp
4:00 PM: Time Alone with God (TAG), typically 1hr, and/or teaching.
5:00 PM – Dinner: Make dinner with your cook group
7:00 PM: Family Time – debrief day, worship, and devotional/teaching
9:00 PM: Bedtime

Part 2: Backpacking

From Vedauwoo, you will transition to the Wind River Range. There you will see towering peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and streams, meadows of wildflowers, and incredible starlit skies in some of the finest wilderness areas in North America. We will teach you the technical outdoor skills to thrive in the mountains, learning things such as campsite selection, route finding, and navigation.

In this section, you will also get an extended time to reflect and spend time alone with God on a solo. The lessons will build upon each other, putting it all to the test with your final peak attempt.

A Typical Backpacking Day:
(times are estimates and will vary)
6:00 AM – Breakfast: cook breakfast with your cook group
8:30 AM: Pack-up camp and head to your next campsite
Noon – Lunch: Enjoy lunch at a scenic spot on the trail
3:00 PM: Get to your new campsite and setup camp
4:00 PM: Time Alone with God (TAG), typically 1hr, and/or teaching.
5:00 PM – Dinner: Make a tasty dinner with your cook group
7:00 PM: Family Time – debrief day, worship, and devotional/teaching
9:00 PM: Bedtime

Special Days:

  • Solo
  • Peak Attempt

Returning to the SROM base, you will de-issue group gear and rented gear before showering and debriefing with one of our staff members. Officially closing your internship, you will be awarded with a course completion certificate. Afterwards, teams often go out for a celebratory dinner* at a local restaurant.

*This meal is not covered by SROM as it is outside of the official course. However, it is a good thing to plan for.


Get a glimpse into the experience.

Testimonies of Transformation

Hear what others experienced.

I discovered a need to push beyond what I want to do. This course equipped me to nurture this need because I will have that moment as a reminder & know that I can be a good leader. I continue to stop me from doing things because of negative views of myself.  I tend to think I can’t do a lot of things which this course proved to be inaccurate thinking. I will actively remind myself that I am valuable in the eyes of the Lord when I get negative thoughts. I was allowing Satan to change my mind. I am now allowing Jesus to control my thoughts.  


2019 Summer Intern

Dive deep into the wilderness ministry career path.



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