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The Leave No Trace Master Educator Course is designed for individuals who will be teaching Leave No Trace Trainer Courses and Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops. The Master Educator course focuses on the specifics of running Trainer Courses and covers how to facilitate a Trainer Course, including planning, logistics, equipment, running groups in the field, meals, risk management, and teaching tips for each principle. Through classroom discussions, lectures, and four-days of field experience, this course covers the seven Leave No Trace Principles and outdoor ethics, as well as giving the participants tools and techniques for disseminating low-impact skills to outdoor enthusiasts.

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Our Snowy Range ME Course is a back country expedition, and will include significant elevation gain and loss, average 4-5 miles per day, and require pack weight between 40-60% of student’s body weight. Participants must be in good physical condition, and must be able to hike on uneven terrain with a full pack for 4-5 miles per day.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review of the role of Leave No Trace Master Educator.
  2. Discussion and practice of the principles and ethics of Leave No Trace.
  3. Discussion of the Leave No Trace Trainer concept and Training Guidelines.
  4. Overview of recreation ecology and human dimensions of natural resources, and types of resource and social impacts.
  5. Discussion of Leave No Trace teaching skills and techniques, student learning styles, and development of lesson plans.
  6. Development of a Leave No Trace Action Plan.
  7. At least one student-led teaching exercise by each participant.
  8. Focus on interactive and hands-on field experiences.
  9. Review of the mission and need for the Leave No Trace program.
  10. A historical overview of the Leave No Trace program.
  11. Discussion of the role, function, and administrative structure of the federal land management agencies’ Leave No Trace programs.
  12. Overview of the role, function, and administrative structure of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Leave No Trace Scholarships

Leave No Trace has scholarships available.
For more information on Leave No Trace scholarships: Click Here!

Leave No Trace Scholarship

Master Educator Course Scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition are available through Leave No Trace! Leave No Trace Scholarship Information


Course Details

  • Location: Laramie, WY
  • Age: 18+
  • Tuition (per person): $650

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2020 Aug 07 – Aug 11

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