The vision of the SROM 7/7 alumni course is to provide an opportunity for our past students to reconnect with their Father, His Son and His people in the beauty and wonder of Grand Canyon National Park.  Through the years, alumni have repeatedly asked when will SROM offer an alumni course?  The 7 day and 7 night alumni course is our response to those requests.  This course is an opportunity to get away from distractions and unplug from the busyness and demands of life in order be refreshed and renewed by the love of God, the grace of Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  This course provides the chance to get back out in the majesty of God’s creation, surrounded by some of the most amazing country in the southwest United States, and experiences some of those unforgettable pieces of your previous SROM course that made your heart come alive.  Pieces like fellowship around a meal, evening discussions and devotions, worship, prayer, TAG time, LOD responsibilities, watching the sunset, seeing countless stars on a cloudless night, experiencing authentic community, pushing yourself physically and mentally, enjoying the Creator of the world and all that He created!  Does your heart long to be back in wild places of creation communing with God the Father and His people? If so, it is time to disconnect so you can reconnect.

7/7 Alumni Course


The 7/7 Alumni course will occur in the iconic Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the majestic places of the southwest United States. The backpacking section will travel the less frequented North Rim of the park. Due to few visitors and less development, the North Rim area is remote. It is common to travel for many days, even weeks, and not encounter another visitor. The North Rim area is excellent for experiencing the memorable components of a SROM course like developing backpacking skills and back country leadership skills in a remote and wild setting.  We knew our alumni would have high standards regarding the programming areas they would enjoy visiting and exploring.  This area of the Grand Canyon will not disappoint! The course will specifically visit the renowned Thunder River/Tapeats Creek and Deer Creek region of the North Rim.  This area is particularly stunning because of the unusual abundance of fresh flowing water.  The water allows for tremendous biodiversity and beauty amidst the austere yet magnificent desert landscape.  This is a truly remarkable place to backpack and spend time living outside for a week.  For many backpacking enthusiasts this would be a “bucket list” trip.  The course will travel from rim to river. The elevation loss and eventual gain to hike out from the rim to the Colorado River is over 5,000 ft.


Course Details

  • Location: Redrocks Nevada, 2019
  • Age: 18+
  • Tuition (per person): $1600

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