SROM’s Course Cost includes:

Experienced Instructors

SROM Instructors are dedicated to the mission of SROM. Our Instructors don’t just teach; they mentor the next generation of young men and woman to engage the world. SROM Instructors are mature Christians with years of experience in outdoor and ministry leadership. Every SROM Instructor has a Christian worldview, loves God, loves people, and works within a supportive Christian community characterized by integrity and mutual accountability.

Instructors demonstrate servant leadership, humility, spiritual and emotional maturity, good communication skills, and problem solving. They must have a minimum of two years in ministry leadership before they begin their Instructor training with SROM. Minimum qualifications for SROM Instructors serving on 40-day courses include:

Instructors always work in teams of two. Co-ed courses include both male and female instructors. To ensure adequate safety and student-instructor ratios, SROM provides additional Instructors for skill-intensive activities such as rock climbing and mountaineering. After each course they teach, Instructors receive written evaluations and are extensively debriefed by a SROM Director. Continuous evaluation and improvement are part of SROM’s culture.

Group Equipment

SROM provides all necessary technical equipment. SROM has a gear warehouse at our facility in Laramie where our equipment and gear are carefully maintained and inspected. SROM provides students with high quality technical equipment designed for use in wilderness environments. SROM’s group equipment includes tents, stoves, cooking gear, rock climbing ropes, and snow climbing ropes. Our equipment comes from name-brand manufacturers, including Mountain Safety Research, Mountain Hardwear, Osprey, Black Diamond, Blue Water, and others.

SROM also has backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, Gore-tex raincoats, fleece jackets, climbing helmets, climbing harnesses, climbing shoes, ice axes, and steel crampons available for students to rent if necessary for their course. Please note that rental items are not included in the course cost, but are available for an additional charge as outlined in each Course Information Packet.


The food that SROM provides is not just sustenance. SROM provides backcountry cuisine. SROM strives to provide optimal nutrition for students, both to maintain health and to support vigorous physical activity. Students learn how to make deep-dish gourmet pizza and fresh baked cinnamon rolls from scratch, enchilada pie, and many other great meals. SROM does not use prepackaged freeze-dried meals. Having a variety of good tasting food does not just provide adequate caloric intake, it provides daily highlights, enjoyment, and a morale boost.

SROM maintains a backcountry food warehouse at our facility in Laramie. SROM uses a proprietary food spreadsheet program to calculate amounts of each type of food to assemble into well balanced meals that will make up student food rations.

During each course, students are divided into cook groups of 2 to 5 people, and must work together to achieve a common goal: a great meal. Cook groups quickly become vibrant small groups and many students discover a great joy in cooking and the fellowship it provides. Each cook group is supplied not just with a stove and needed pots, pans, and utensils, but also with a well-stocked spice kit, a variety of bulk foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, an assortment of teas and hot drinks, and a backcountry cookbook. Each cook group is coached and given freedom to chose recipes, or create something new.

SROM can also accommodate students who need or prefer a gluten-free diet. Due to the increased cost of providing a gluten-free ration, any student requesting to eat gluten-free (whether due to medical necessity or personal dietary preference) will be charged an additional fee, outlined in the Course Information Packet.


Permits are required from federal government agencies in order to provide wilderness courses, backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering on public lands such as National Parks, National Forests, and Wilderness Areas

SROM operates in the world-famous Wind River Range of Wyoming under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. SROM has operated under the current permit arrangement since 2001, and is now the second largest permit holder in the Wind River Range, owning 1,200 annual permitted user-days. SROM also has a Commercial Use Authorization permit issued by the Shoshone National Forest, which administers public lands on the east side of the Wind River Range.

SROM holds a Commercial Use Authorization Permit and Winter Activities Permit with the National Park Service/Rocky Mountain National Park. SROM is also permitted to operate in Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks as well, and other lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in the Rocky Mountains and Southwest.

Ground Transportation

SROM provides all ground transportation, including gasoline costs, from our facility in Laramie, WY to our programming areas. SROM maintains a fleet of vans and trailers, and each is fully insured and carefully maintained. Please see the Travel Information Sheet included in the course paperwork for the information you need to arrange transportation to and from our facility before and after your course.

Liability Insurance

By contracting for our services, your organization can avoid the potential liability associated with outdoor adventure activities. We hold the liability, not you. Consequently, SROM is insured by a commercial general liability policy with limits of $1 million for each occurrence and $2 million general aggregate. No lawsuits, judgments, or awards have ever been made against SROM.

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Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is a permittee of Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, and Zion National Parks; Medicine Bow/Routt, Bridger-Teton, Shoshone, and Kaibab National Forests; Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument; Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. SROM is an equal opportunity service provider. © 2019. All rights reserved.