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The Tasks We Conquer

February 9th, 2017


If you’re considering joining one of our wilderness ministry courses here in Laramie, you’ll be signing on for an invigorating adventure! Throughout our wilderness ministry programs, we take students out into some of the most majestic parts of Gods creation. We’ll be connecting with Jesus, connecting with one another through authentic community, and building skill-sets . Throughout these journeys, you can expect the following:


Everything you’ll need in the back-country will be on your back in a backpack. Backpacking is a great way to travel. It can teach us to take in our surroundings more deeply and to enjoy where we presently are. Backpacking is a valuable skill, and it teaches us to be mindful of our necessities and how strong we can be. We wont just throw a pack onto your back and say “good luck!” We will teach you how to pack light and pack right. We will be walking alongside you for the entire journey!

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Rock Climbing

Throughout a 10, 20 or 40 day course, you’ll conquer rocky verticals. we’ll work together to climb rock faces and challenge each other to push ourselves and each other outside of our comfort zones. Rock climbing is an excellent skill and a thrilling experience.

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Throughout your journey, we’ll be navigating through some of the most stunning mountain ranges in Wyoming. We’ll strive to summit peaks, and travel across glacial terrain. Mountaineering can involve navigating through snow and over ice. It can involve scrambling over talus, or ascending couloirs. Mountaineering can be a true test of one’s character and leadership development.


Who is Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries

February 2nd, 2017

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries Grand Canyon BackpackingThere are a multitude of reasons why you should join SROM for a wilderness ministry expedition! First and foremost, our courses bring the opportunity for all participants to grow closer to God and connect us through his creation. But let us tell you more about what Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is all about:


Refocus with Wilderness Ministry Adventures

January 27th, 2017

Wilderness ministry adventures offer the opportunity of getting back to what really matters; cutting through all the noise and confusion that is a part of life in the modern world and focusing on what is real. But most of the time, that is easier said than done. With the busyness of our lives we sometimes lose that ability to truly connect with Jesus, leaving us to feel lost and confused. At Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, we look to provide the means to re-dedicate your life to God through wilderness ministry. At SROM we believe that removing oneself from the noise and clutter of cultural distractions for periods up to 40 days at a time allows one to mature in their discipleship with God. In the quiet and stillness of creation, we are able to fully examine our relationship with God, family, friend circles and with oneself. We believe that wilderness locations are used by God to facilitate divine-human growth allowing for intense emotional and spiritual growth.

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