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Safety & Risk Management

SROM has an unparalleled and remarkable safety record. Our programming specializes in activities such as backpacking, rock climbing, and mountaineering that have both real and perceived risk. In over 30 years of operation we have taken over 6,000 students from across the country into wilderness environments during hundreds of courses without a single serious or life-threatening accident or emergency to a student. SROM has never had a fatality. While SROM maintains a strong culture of safety & risk management, we also acknowledge the part our gracious Lord plays in maintaining our safety record. We pray for safety before every course.

SROM attends the industry leading Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) regularly. The WRMC provides wilderness professionals and outdoor educators the opportunity to receive training and education on current issues, best practices, risk assessment, and judgment and decision making. It is a conference that continually improves the quality of SROM’s commitment to safety & risk management.

Safety & risk management is one of SROM’s greatest priorities. From training staff and instructors, to pre-course paperwork, to debriefing and review, SROM’s approach to safety & risk management encompasses all aspects of programming. However, we can not do it alone. The safest course is one on which all participants partner together to be vigilant and considerate of safety & risk management issues.

SROM’s commitment to safety & risk management is reflected in our accreditation with the Association for Experiential Education (AEE).  To learn more about our accreditation with the AEE click here. To learn more about the AEE click here:


What can I do to contribute to the safety & risk management on my SROM course?

Read carefully through all your pre-course paperwork. This includes the acknowledgement and assumption of risk and release and indemnity form, the terms of agreement, the medical history form, student goals, travel information, and the information in your Course Information Packet (CIP). It is also crucial for each student to follow all of the instructor’s directives. Behavior issues are a safety hazard and are treated as such. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 307.755.0642.

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