AEE Accreditation Programming Standards

Accreditation with the AEE means that SROM meets the highest standards in the industry for programming. “Programming” refers to any activity SROM leads, whether that is rock climbing, day hiking, or backcountry cooking. Every aspect of our programming is approved by the AEE. Furthermore, we ask the Lord to guide each detail of course itineraries, student admission, and staff selection. Our core values define our priorities for each course: 1) spiritual transformation, 2) authentic community, 3) leadership development, 4) character development, and 5) skill acquisition. See Mission/Values.

As noted on the AEE website, “AEE is committed to identifying, publishing and upholding standards to improve professional practice and to safeguard the well being of participants. Our industry-leading standards for adventure-based education programs serve as the basis for our accreditation program. Where need exists, we will develop standards for other methods of experiential practice as well.” To learn more about programming standards set forth by the AEE visit the following link: AEE Programming Standards.

Accreditation and Course Selection

SROM exceeds programming standards in the area of course selection. We offer courses that vary in duration, geographical location, and focus of skills. There are courses just for women, men, teenagers, and adults. The acquisition of hard skills varies from basic backpacking and climbing to multi-pitch climbs and class 2 or AI 1 mountaineering. There are courses customized to meet the needs of specific groups and organizations, as well as “open enrollment” courses that anyone across the county and world can attend. The locations and environment of our courses vary from high alpine ecosystems of Wyoming to desert canyons of the Southwest. We work with individuals and the Holy Spirit to promote growth and relationship with God the Father.

Our customized courses allow us to serve diverse populations of people. We work with at-risk youth, youth groups, individuals from all walks and seasons of life, universities, and Christian organizations. Check out the amazing opportunities available on a SROM course. Click here to learn more about SROM Courses.

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is a permittee of Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, and Zion National Parks; Medicine Bow/Routt, Bridger-Teton, Shoshone, and Kaibab National Forests; Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument; Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. SROM is an equal opportunity service provider. © 2019. All rights reserved.