Instructor Training & Professional Development

Grand Canyon-Instructor Training

SROM instructors are dedicated to the mission of SROM. SROM instructors don’t just lead and teach; they are dedicated to mentoring the next generation of young men and woman to engage the world. Our instructors are mature Christians with years of experience in outdoor and ministry leadership. Instructors demonstrate servant leadership, stewardship, humility, spiritual and emotional maturity, good communication skills, and problem solving abilities.

While on course, instructors have opportunities to lead, teach and share with in an intentional community as students continue the discovery process of who God is strengthening each them to be.

In order to be considered for employment with SROM, our instructors must have a minimum of two years experience in ministry leadership, be at least 21 years old, and complete SROM’s rigorous 14-day Wilderness Ministry Professional Course (WMPC) which serves as the instructor training course.  Instructors must pass the WMPC with a high degree of proficiency in soft, meta, and hard skills. Read more about our Wilderness Ministry Professionals Course (WMPC).

SROM instructors always work in teams of two. Co-ed courses include both male and female instructors. To ensure adequate safety and student – instructor ratios, SROM provides additional instructors for skill-intensive activities such as rock climbing and mountaineering. After each course they teach, instructors receive written evaluations and are extensively debriefed by the Administrative Staff. Continuous evaluation and improvement are part of SROM’s culture.

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